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es to tap● rural market potent●ialThe document said〓 the gover■nment would provid●e a 13-percent ○subsidy to all ●rural buyers of h○ome appliance●s, including ○color TVs, refrigera〓tors, mobile phones●, washing m◆achines an■d freezers. BEIJING○, March 15 (Xin●hua) -- The● following ○is the full ◆text of the

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Re〓port on the Wor◆k of the Government 〓delivered by Premier○ Wen Jiabao at the● Third Session of t〓he Eleventh Nation○al People's Con●gress on M○arch 5, 20◆10 and adopted on M〓arch 14, 201○0: Fellow Depu○ties, On behal○f of the State Cou

nc■il, I now present to◆ you my re●port on the work ■of the government ●for your delibera◆tion and approval. I○ also invite the me◆mbers of the 〓National Co●mmittee of the ○Chinese Peo○ple's Politi■cal Consultati〓ve Confere◆nce (CPPCC○) to provide co○mments and suggest■ions. I. Review o◆f Work in 2009 The y〓ear 2009 w〓as the most dif〓ficult yea■r for our ●country's ■economic develop●ment since the be■ginning of the new 〓century. This ti●me last year th●e global fina●ncial crisis ●was still s

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preadin■g, and the worl○d economy was in a〓 deep recession. O■ur economy was seve○rely affected; 〓our exports d◆ecreased s〓ignificantly; a■ large number of en〓terprises ha■d operating diff■iculties, a○nd some even sus○pended produc〓tion

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or closed down;● the number〓 of unemplo●yed people in●creased signifi〓cantly; many mi◆grant worker●s had to return t■o their home● villages; and the p●ace of our eco■nomic growth sudden◆ly slowed down. In◆ these unusuall〓y difficult cir●

cumstances, ◆the people〓 of all our et●hnic groups fort●ified their conf●idence, tack◆led difficulties he●ad on, wor〓ked tenaciousl●y, and responded ca◆lmly to th■e impact of the g■lobal financial■ crisis under ◆the firm lea●dership of the Co●mmunist Part○y of China◆ (CPC). Our ec○onomy was the f〓irst in the● world to ○have made a turnar○ound, and we ●made major new ac■hievements〓 in reform and● opening u○p as well ●as socialist mo■dernization. GDP rea■ched 33.5 ○trillion yuan, a■n increase of 8.■7% over the■ previous y●ear (here and○ below). Fiscal re〓venue was 6.8●5 trillion yuan〓, up 11.7

%.■ Grain production● was 530.82 million ●tons, a new recor◆d and an increa●se for the sixth ○

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